Consistently reliable sales performance

Transparency and Control

Revenue generation is your priority. You need clear pipeline visibility, greater forecast accuracy, sales process optimization, and pipeline analytics to drive revenue.
You need to uncover sales process inefficiency, define and strive for optimal deal anatomy, and manage with data-driven pipelines so you can make better decisions and be confident in revenue projections.
53% of sales leaders say that revenue is negatively impacted by a sales process that is too slow; 51% say data that is not readily available or inaccurate.

Real-time integration with CRM gives you visibility and actionable insights that guide corrective actions during the sales workflow to ensure more consistent results.

Sales Performance

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Real-time CRM Data

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A Data-Driven Forecast You Can Trust

Our proven algorithm leverages real-time sales and performance data to deliver an accurate evaluation of all pipeline activity. Keep it green to keep revenue on track. Stay on top of problem areas.

Actionable Insights

Gain predictive insights into team, rep, and deal performance to identify which deals are most likely to close and those that are unlikely to contribute to revenue.

Continuous Sales Process Improvement

Inselligence is a learning latform. Performance against your sales process reveals opportunities to fine-tune sales practices and remove barriers to increase funnel efficiency.

Accurate, Real-time Revenue Operations and Reporting

Inselligence is tied, in real time, to your CRM data. As reps update CRM, Inselligence ingests new data and continuously calculates the likelihood to close of all deals, at each stage of the sales process and the pipeline.

This data puts sales leaders in control of sales processes, allows teams to focus on critical deals with the highest likelihood of closing, and to stop wasting time on deals that are unlikely to close or bring revenue.
Accurate real-time data allows revenue operations and sales leaders to see and analyze sales pipeline, forecast against pipeline, sales process and progress, closed deals, and deals lost.

Customizable reports and views allow data to be analyzed by different criteria including reports by product, region, rep, customer type, deal value or composition. Slice deal data by time in pipeline stage or other custom criteria to uncover opportunities for accuracy and sales improvement.