Sales Representatives

Sales reps spend as little as 33% of their day actually selling.

Time wasters like email, data entry or internal meetings are expensive and frustrating for reps.
Make sales easier with a consistent sales process that tracks variables and provides early warning about potential revenue barriers. A consistent sales process reduces time wasted and ensures that reps have more time to talk to customers. Inselligence makes the sales process work for Sales Reps.

Track and Nurture the Right Opportunities

Sales reps have can view their entire deal dashboard within the context of achieving their number.

Monitoring each opportunity, and the status of opportunities in each step of the sales process, reps can focus on the deals that are most likely to contribute to the number within this quarter while nurturing opportunities that will contribute to the next one.

Work Opportunities in an Accurate, Real-time Pipeline

Inselligence gives sales reps essential information about pipeline health in real-time and helps reps
focus on activities that will ultimately support their revenue goals. Inselligence reveals which deals
are moving, stalled or at risk, and tracks against revenue goals in current or future quarters.
Inselligence gives reps the answers they need.

Inselligence is designed to create a consistent, easy to understand sales process, and helps sales reps and their managers focus on finding and working the right deals rather than diving through data or wasting time in unproductive meetings. Inselligence gets everyone on the same page.