Sales is the engine of company growth.
We make it predictable.

Remove roadblocks and streamline your sales process
Gain confidence in your pipeline
Create forecasts you can count on
Act on risk and opportunity quickly
Coach team members and increase productivity

Sales Leaders

Enable the team.

Strategize the deals.

Make the number.

Gain access to detailed pipeline data that puts you in control of the sales process. Detailed insights give you critical information about each deal at each stage of your sales process. Inselligence focuses your sales resources on the right deals, at the right time, and keeps deals moving toward a successful close.
Inselligence provides the insights you need to get control of the pipeline, provide useful coaching backed by actionable insights, and effectively focus the team’s deals with the potential to deliver the greatest value.

A Real-Time Pipeline You Can Trust

Inselligence captures the status of changes to activity and opportunity data in your CRM and instantly reflects deal progress in real-time. Funnel reports ensure your entire team sees the same, up-to-date pipeline information.

Align Sales Performance With Goals and Quota

Inselligence gives you the information you need to set achievable goals for your territories, product lines, reps and channels. Real-time forecasts give you details about deals in each stage of the sales process and progress against strategic corporate goals. Alerts keep you on top of key milestones achieved or trouble spots in the forecast.

Collaborate for Success Sales Performance

You know the drill. Each week’s deal review is reviled by sales leaders and reps alike. You can stop the frustration with real-time information that allows you to strategize with team members and find hidden paths to making the number. Everyone wins.
Eliminate stale data in pipeline or forecast reports
Turn each forecast call, pipeline review or one-on-one into a productive working session
Focus on finding paths to the number rather than interrogating the team